How we can help?

Our team can assess your machinery to identify any areas where the operation poses a risk to employees. We then work with your team to develop a common-sense and practical approach to mitigate those risks. This may include the addition of electrical fail-safe systems and/or mechanical guarding.

Don’t get caught up in costly downtime and lengthy lawsuits by not guarding your machinery. Ensure your staff go home safe by booking an electrical and mechanical safety consultation today.


Implementation and/or alterations to machinery don’t have to be an expensive or difficult task.
Multi-Sector are partnered with Fitters/Turners and Machinist to provide a complete in house package of;

– Consultation
– Design
– Project Management
– Fabrication
– Installation
– Certification
– Ongoing support and maintenance

Thus reducing the costs of managing multiple contractors and outsourcing sections of work.

Who is responsible..

Worksafe’s ‘Safe use of Machinery’ guidelines states ” The HSE Act and HSE Regulations place responsibilities on many different persons, including machinery and plant designers, manufacturers, suppliers, installers and operators, employers and owners of machinery. These people are called ‘duty holders’. Duty holders must take all practicable steps to make sure machinery in the workplace is designed safely and is adequately guarded to reduce the risk of injuries or harm”.